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Online French Classes in India - Learn French Online From BSL

As the global marketplace evolves, the ability to communicate in multiple languages becomes increasingly advantageous. The British School of Language (BSL) has recognized this growing demand and responded with an innovative solution - an online French language course India . This comprehensive program, developed by both native and Indian language experts, provides not just linguistic proficiency, but also opens doors to international examinations and lucrative career opportunities. Aided by a robust support system and well-curated resources, BSL invites you to explore the French language in an engaging and effective manner.

Online French Classes: Unlocking the Language Barrier

In the realm of digital education, online French classes serve as a pivotal tool in transcending language barriers, offering a comprehensive, accessible, and individualized learning experience. The French language course online is a blend of structured coursework, interactive learning materials, and personalized tutoring by expert trainers, which allows students to progress at their own pace and convenience.

The French language course online at British School of Language (BSL) offers a variety of learning modules suitable for different proficiency levels. Each course is designed keeping in mind the diverse learning needs of the students, offering a mix of theory, practice, and interactive sessions. The course structure revolves around PPTs and PDFs, which are systematically shared for easy access and reference

The teaching approach in a French language course online is unique and effective, with a focus on personal attention to each student. BSL provides world-class trainers who are native speakers or have an in-depth knowledge of French. The trainers are adept at understanding the individual learning requirements of each student, ensuring a personalized learning experience.

A significant aspect of the French language course online is the preparation for international examinations such as DELF and DALF. These exams, conducted by Alliance Française in India, certify the French language proficiency of the students. The courses at BSL are designed to help students succeed in these exams, paving the way for their global language proficiency.

BSL's online French classes embody a seamless blend of quality education, accessibility, and individualized learning, truly unlocking the language barrier.

Benefits of Online French Classes

Having comprehended the structure and teaching approach of online French classes, it's equally essential to explore the numerous advantages these courses offer. The benefits of an online French language course are manifold, serving to enhance the learning experience significantly.

First and foremost, the convenience factor is unparalleled. You can learn from the comfort of your home at your own pace, thus saving commuting time and costs. Additionally, online courses are usually more affordable than traditional classroom-based courses

The online French language course offers a flexible learning schedule. You can learn according to your own schedule, making it the ideal choice for working professionals, students, and others with time constraints

Moreover, the access to various learning materials, such as videos, audios, quizzes, and exercises, facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the language.

Lastly, the online French language courses provided by BSL are recognized worldwide and can open doors to numerous opportunities

Benefits Description
Convenience Learn from home at your own pace, saving commuting time and costs
Affordability Online courses are often cheaper than traditional classroom courses
Flexibility Ideal for those with time constraints, such as working professionals or students
Access to resources Videos, audios, quizzes, and exercises facilitate comprehensive understanding
Global recognition BSL's online French course is recognized worldwide, opening doors to numerous opportunities.

Levels in the French Language

Mastering the French language involves progressive learning through distinct proficiency levels, each designed to enhance specific aspects of linguistic competence. At the British School of Language, or BSL, the French language course structure is systematically designed to cater to learners at every stage, from beginners to advanced learners, with the primary objective of enhancing students' proficiency and fluency.

Searching for a "French language course near me" may lead you to BSL's well-structured online platform, offering a variety of courses. The courses are categorized into six levels based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The levels are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2, each level increasing in complexity and linguistic skills.

The initial A1 level is for absolute beginners, focusing on basic expressions and phrases. The A2 level advances to understanding and using frequently-used expressions. The intermediate levels, B1 and B2, aim at improving fluency and comprehensive understanding of complex texts. The advanced levels, C1 and C2, focus on refined language skills, enabling learners to understand, express and interpret ideas effectively

BSL's courses are designed to be engaging and interactive, with a blend of live tutorials, recorded sessions, and online resources. Personalized learning experiences enhance the learner's ability to grasp the French language more effectively. Upon course completion, students are awarded a certificate, which is recognized internationally. Aiming to make French language learning accessible to all, BSL offers an unparalleled learning experience that caters to learners across India.

Overview of Levels

Diving further into the course structure, a comprehensive overview of the different levels offered at the British School of Language begins to unfold. The online French courses are meticulously segmented into six distinct levels namely A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. These levels align with the global standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ensuring international recognition of language proficiency.

Each level progressively intensifies the complexity of the language, and covers four key aspects of language learning: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The A1 and A2 levels focus on basic user competency, where students learn to interact in a simple way and express themselves on familiar topics. The B1 and B2 levels elevate to an independent user stage, enabling students to comprehend the main points of complex text, interact with fluency, and produce detailed text on a wide range of subjects.

Moving towards proficiency, the C1 and C2 levels cultivate advanced language skills. Students at these levels can understand nuanced speech, express ideas fluently, and produce clear, well-structured text on complex subjects. At the C2 level, students are expected to almost match a native speaker's proficiency.

The BSL also prepares students for the DELF (Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) exams. These exams, conducted by Alliance Française in India, confirm the learners' language proficiency and have lifelong validity. This holistic approach ensures that students not only learn French but master it.

French A1 Level:

Building on the foundation of this comprehensive course structure, the French A1 level serves as the initial step in this language learning journey, focusing primarily on basic user competency. This level is designed to equip the learners with the fundamental basics of the French language and culture, providing them with the necessary tools to communicate effectively on a rudimentary level.

The A1 level is divided into several modules, each designed to foster a fundamental understanding of basic French vocabulary, grammar, and sentence construction. The course content includes introductions, greetings, numbers, time, dates, and simple sentences. The learners are also introduced to French culture and customs, an integral part of language learning. The focus is primarily on listening and speaking skills, supplemented with reading and writing exercises.

The teaching approach at BSL is tailored to accommodate beginners. The trainers, being either native speakers or experts in French, adopt a dynamic and interactive teaching methodology to make the learning process engaging. They focus on enhancing the students' confidence to communicate in French, even at this elementary level.

The learners are provided with comprehensive study materials, which include PDFs, PPTs, and access to online resources. This is complemented with live tutorial sessions and recorded classes for revision.

The A1 level also prepares students for the DELF A1 examination, which is an internationally recognized certification of French language proficiency. BSL ensures that by the end of the A1 level, learners are well-equipped to take the DELF A1 exam confidently.

How much is the Cost of French A1 Level?

The financial investment required for the French A1 Level course varies based on several factors, including the institution, the course duration, and the resources provided. A broad spectrum of institutions and online platforms offer French A1 Level courses in India, each with its own pricing structure

As a premier language learning institution, British School of Language (BSL) offers competitive rates without compromising on the quality of instruction. While exact costs may vary, students can generally expect to invest in a range that spans from INR 8,000 to INR 15,000 for online classes.

This cost usually covers:

  • Expert instruction from highly qualified, native, or Indian trainers.
  • Comprehensive course materials, including interactive PPTs, PDFs, and access to additional online resources.
  • Live tutorials and recorded sessions, providing flexibility to learn at your own pace
  • Extensive exam preparation to ensure success in international French proficiency tests.
  • Certification upon course completion, recognized by international standards

Of course, the actual cost may vary based on a student's individual needs and learning pace. Some may require additional resources or personalized tutoring, which could incur additional costs

Furthermore, students should also factor in the costs associated with taking the internationally recognized DELF and DALF exams, which range from INR 5,000 to INR 10,000 per level.

French Classes Online: French A1 Syllabus structure

Having understood the cost implications of French A1 level classes, it is equally important to understand the structure of the syllabus offered in these online French classes. The French A1 course at the British School of Languages (BSL) is meticulously designed to cater to beginners and focuses on basic language comprehension, both written and spoken.

The course structure includes four main components - Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. In the Listening module, students are trained to understand familiar words and basic phrases. The Reading module focuses on understanding simple texts and common names. The Speaking module encourages students to interact in a simple way, asking and answering basic questions. The Writing module imparts the skill of writing simple notes and messages.

In terms of content, the A1 level syllabus includes everyday expressions and basic phrases. Students will be taught the French alphabet and numbers, and basic grammar concepts like gender and number of nouns, articles, pronouns, present tense of regular and some irregular verbs.

To enhance the learning experience, BSL provides online resources, live tutorials, and recorded sessions. The teaching methodology emphasizes personal attention, ensuring each student's progress is monitored. After course completion, students receive certificates based on Council of Europe standards.

BSL also prepares students for the DELF A1 exam, a French proficiency test with lifelong validity. This holistic and structured approach to the A1 level French course makes BSL a preferred choice for online French classes in India.

French A2 Level: • How much is the cost of the French A2 level?

After understanding the course structure and benefits of the A1 level, it is crucial to consider the financial aspect of advancing to the French A2 level. Studying at the British School of Language, India's most eminent language school, offers a unique blend of quality education and affordability.

The pricing of the A2 level French course at BSL can vary depending on a few factors. However, the school is committed to providing the best value for money in the industry.

  • Course Duration: The cost is influenced by the duration of the course. A more extended course offers more in-depth learning but comes at a higher price.
  • Learning Mode: The choice between online or in-person classes can impact the total cost. Online classes often tend to be more affordable
  • Individual or Group Lessons: Private classes are tailored to individual needs, thus being more expensive than group classes.
  • Materials and Resources: Some courses may include materials and additional resources within the course fee, while others may charge extra for these
  • Certification and Examination Fees: The cost of examinations, such as DELF or DALF, may or may not be included in the course fee

It's essential to note that while considering the cost, one should not compromise on the quality of education. BSL offers a balance of both, making it an excellent choice for learning French at the A2 level. Detailed information about the pricing can be obtained from BSL's official website or by contacting their customer service.

Online French Courses: French A2 Syllabus structure

Moving forward from the financial considerations, let's examine the structure of the French A2 level syllabus offered through online courses at the British School of Language (BSL). With the aim to elevate students from beginners to advanced beginners, the A2 level syllabus is meticulously curated to build a strong foundation in French.

The syllabus is divided into four primary sections: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Each section follows a systematic approach with a focus on language proficiency and comprehension. This comprises vocabulary expansion, grammar reinforcement, and the development of listening and reading skills for better comprehension and communication

Section Key Focus
Reading Developing the ability to read and understand short, simple texts on familiar topics
Writing Building the capacity to communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a direct exchange of information.
Listening Enhancing listening skills to understand phrases and expressions related to areas of immediate relevance.
Speaking Encouraging the ability to describe in simple terms aspects of one's background, immediate environment, and matters in areas of immediate need.

BSL's online French A2 course is flexible, allowing students to learn at their own pace. The course combines live tutorials, recorded sessions, and online resources to create a comprehensive learning experience. Upon successful completion, students receive a course completion certificate, validating their proficiency at the A2 level. This certificate is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), providing international recognition for their language skills.

The A2 level course at BSL is not only a step towards mastering French but also an opportunity to explore new cultural horizons.

French B1 Level

Transitioning to the next level of proficiency, the French B1 course offered by the British School of Language is designed to deepen students' understanding and fluency in the French language. The B1 level is the third stage in learning French, following the A1 and A2 levels, and prepares students for more advanced study at the B2 level.

Students at the B1 level are expected to understand and use the language in a variety of contexts. They should be able to engage in conversation on familiar topics, express their feelings and opinions, and provide brief explanations about their plans and experiences.

The B1 course at BSL offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of language learning, including:

  • Developing students' listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills
  • Expanding vocabulary and introducing more complex grammatical structures
  • Providing valuable cultural insights to help students understand and appreciate the French way of life
  • Offering interactive exercises and activities to reinforce learning and encourage active participation
  • Preparing students for the DELF B1 examination, an internationally recognized certification of French proficiency

The course also includes regular assessments to monitor students' progress and provide feedback for improvement. With the support of BSL's experienced and dedicated teachers, students can confidently navigate through the complexities of the French language and achieve their learning goals.

BSL's B1 French course offers a rewarding and immersive learning experience that not only enhances language proficiency but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of French culture. It is the perfect stepping stone for students who aspire to achieve fluency in French.

What is the cost to study Online French Classes B1 Level?

The financial investment required for the B1 level online French classes at the British School of Language can vary depending on several factors. Notably, the cost is influenced by the duration of the course, the type of instruction - whether group or individual, and the inclusion of any additional resources or services such as examination preparation sessions or supplementary materials.

The standard B1 level course typically runs for a period of 3 to 4 months, with varying degrees of intensity. As a result, the cost can range anywhere from INR 15,000 to INR 25,000. This cost includes access to live online classes conducted by experienced language trainers, comprehensive course materials, and continuous assessment of progress.

For students who prefer a more personalized learning experience, one-on-one instruction is available. Although this option comes with a higher price tag, it provides a tailored learning plan and direct feedback from the instructor. The cost for individual instruction can range from INR 25,000 to INR 35,000.

The subsequent table provides an overview of the approximate costs associated with the B1 level French course at the British School of Language:

Course Type Cost
Group Instruction INR 15,000 - 25,000
Individual Instruction INR 25,000 - 35,000

Online French Courses: French B1 Syllabus structure

Having discussed the investment required for B1 level online French classes, let's now elucidate the structure of the French B1 syllabus offered by the British School of Language. The B1 level course is structured meticulously to ensure comprehensive acquisition of the language skills.

The syllabus is divided into specific modules, each focussing on a particular aspect of the language.

  • Vocabulary and Grammar: This module imparts a deep knowledge of French vocabulary and grammar. It helps learners to use French phrases and sentences in real-life situations effectively.
  • Listening and Reading Comprehension: This segment aims to enhance the ability of learners to understand spoken and written French. It includes audio-visual aids, readings, and interactive sessions to improve comprehension skills.
  • Speaking and Writing Skills: The focus of this module is to help learners express their thoughts and ideas fluently in French. Regular practice sessions and feedback from trainers ensure improvement in both oral and written French.
  • Cultural Understanding: This part of the syllabus provides an understanding of French culture, traditions, and social etiquette. This knowledge aids in the overall understanding of the language and its usage in different contexts.
  • Exam Preparation: The last part of the syllabus is dedicated to preparing learners for B1 level certification exams. It includes mock tests, exam strategies, and tips to help students excel in the exam.

Thus, the French B1 level course offered by the British School of Language is comprehensive, well-structured, and designed to ensure success in learning the French language.

French B2 Level

After mastering the B1 level, students can progress to the B2 level of the French language course offered by the British School of Language. This level is for students who wish to enhance their French language skills further and build a strong foundation for advanced learning

At the B2 level, students are expected to have the ability to interact with native speakers with a degree of fluency and spontaneity. The course curriculum is designed to help students understand complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in their field of specialization.

The B2 level course also aims to develop students' ability to express themselves clearly and detailed on a wide range of subjects, show a controlled use of organizational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices. It prepares students to produce detailed text on a wide range of topics and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue, providing the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

The British School of Language provides comprehensive study materials for the B2 level course, including textbooks, audio-visual aids, and online resources. Regular assessments are conducted to gauge the progress of the students and provide feedback for improvement.

On completion of the B2 level, students are equipped with the necessary skills to clear the DELF B2 examination, a certification that is recognized worldwide and is proof of their French language proficiency. This certification opens the door to a host of opportunities for further study or work in a French-speaking environment.

The B2 level course at BSL is a stepping stone towards mastering the French language and gaining an in-depth understanding of French culture.

French C1 and C2 Levels

Building upon the foundational knowledge acquired in previous levels, students at the British School of Language can further elevate their French language proficiency by enrolling in the C1 and C2 levels. These advanced levels are designed to refine and master the French language skills of students, turning them into independent users of the language.

The C1 level, also known as the "Proficient User" level, aims to develop students' skills to understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognize implicit meanings. It emphasizes high-level language communication in French, including:

  • The ability to express ideas fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions.
  • Use of French language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes
  • Production of clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects.

On the other hand, the C2 level, or the "Mastery" level, is for those who wish to achieve near-native proficiency in French. This course offers:
  • Comprehensive understanding of everything heard or read.
  • Capability to summarize information from different spoken and written sources.
  • Ability to reconstruct arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation
  • Expression of oneself spontaneously, very fluently, and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in complex situations

At BSL, the C1 and C2 level courses are meticulously designed and executed by expert trainers. They use a mix of modern and traditional teaching methods, including interactive sessions, role-plays, and real-life simulations, to make the learning process engaging and effective. Upon successful completion of these levels, students receive a CEFR certificate, marking their proficiency in the French language.

Why to Learn French?

While mastering the French language at levels C1 and C2 provides significant linguistic proficiency, it's essential to understand the broader benefits and reasons one might choose to learn French.

Firstly, French is a global language spoken by over 220 million people worldwide. It is an official language in 29 countries and the third most widely used language on the internet. This global relevance gives French learners an advantage in several professional fields such as international relations, journalism, tourism, and hospitality.

Moreover, the French language holds a prestigious position in the world of art, culture, and academia. Learning French can unlock a wealth of literature, philosophy, and cinema, enhancing one's cultural understanding. In academia, numerous scholarships and research opportunities are available in French-speaking countries, making French a valuable asset for scholars.

In the professional realm, French is the language of several multinational corporations. Proficiency in French can open doors to job opportunities in various sectors including technology, fashion, and aerospace. Additionally, it's an essential requirement for roles in international organizations like the United Nations, European Union, and Red Cross.

Furthermore, learning French can also be a rewarding personal endeavor. It not only improves cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills but also provides a deeper understanding of French culture, history, and society.

Interactive Learning Tools in French online classes

In the realm of online French classes, interactive learning tools play a pivotal role in enhancing a student's language acquisition and understanding. These tools foster a dynamic and engaging learning environment, facilitating better comprehension and retention of the French language

At the British School of Language (BSL), we employ a range of interactive learning tools in our online French classes. These tools are strategically integrated into the curriculum to provide a comprehensive and holistic learning experience. They include:

  • Audio-visual materials: These help students understand pronunciation, context, and real-life usage of French. By engaging both the auditory and visual senses, these materials aid in faster and effective learning
  • Interactive quizzes and exercises: These aid in reinforcing what is learned, allowing students to apply their knowledge in a practical way. It also helps in identifying areas of improvement.
  • Online discussion forums: These provide a platform for students to interact with peers, engage in constructive debates, and learn from different perspectives.
  • Flashcards and games: These make learning fun and less intimidating, especially for beginners. They enhance vocabulary and improve memory retention.
  • Real-time feedback tools: These provide instant feedback on assignments and tasks, helping students identify and rectify their mistakes promptly.

Through these interactive learning tools, BSL ensures that students not only learn French but also develop a deep understanding and love for the language. It keeps the learning process engaging, exciting, and effective, thereby ensuring optimal results.

What is the Fee structure for French online group classes?

The cost of French online group classes at the British School of Language is structured to provide affordability without compromising the quality of education. The fee structure is designed by considering the varying needs of students and the duration of the course. The pricing is competitive and offers excellent value for the comprehensive and well-rounded language education provided.

Course Level Duration Fee (INR)
Beginner (A1) 1 Month 7500
Intermediate (A2) 1 Month 8500
Advanced (B1, B2, C1) 2 Months each 9500 per month

The following table outlines the fee structure for online French group classes at BSL:The fee includes access to all learning materials, live sessions, and recorded classes. It also covers the cost of assessments and the issuance of the course completion certificate. BSL believes in providing excellent education at reasonable prices, and the course fee reflects this commitment.

As an added benefit, students who enroll for more than one course level at a time can avail discounts. There are also seasonal offers and special discounts for students and working professionals. BSL's fee structure is transparent with no hidden charges, ensuring that students can plan their finances ahead and focus solely on their learning.

Overcoming Challenges in French Online Classes

Navigating through the complexities of online learning, British School of Language employs a host of strategies to overcome challenges in French online classes. Recognizing the potential hurdles in the online learning landscape, BSL develops innovative solutions to provide a seamless and enriching learning experience.

Firstly, BSL tackles the issue of impersonal online classes by ensuring personalized attention to every student. The compact batch sizes facilitate individualized teaching, ensuring each student's unique learning needs are catered to.

Secondly, the potential technological issues that might arise from an online framework are addressed proactively. BSL's platform is user-friendly, and they provide comprehensive technical support to students, ensuring uninterrupted learning.

Thirdly, the issue of access to quality learning material is resolved by providing easy access to shared PPTs, PDFs, and other online resources. The materials are designed to be engaging, interactive, and effective

Fourthly, to overcome the language barrier, BSL employs native French trainers who are experts in the language and understand the nuances of teaching it to non-native speakers.

Lastly, to make the learning experience more tangible and rewarding, BSL provides course completion certificates. These certificates adhere to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), adding value to the learners' profiles.

How Online French Classes Help to Find Internships

Beyond providing a robust learning experience, online French classes at British School of Language also present a compelling opportunity for students to secure internships in reputable organizations. Mastering the French language opens up a world of opportunities, and BSL understands this. Hence, they provide not just language proficiency but also a pathway to practical exposure

Through these online classes, students can grasp French language nuances and enhance their communication skills, a prerequisite for any international internship. Furthermore, BSL has a robust network of partner organizations across France and other French-speaking countries. These partnerships enable BSL to connect students with potential employers, easing their internship search process.

BSL's course structure includes modules on French business culture and corporate communication. This knowledge significantly increases students' chances of securing internships as it enables them to understand the work environment and interact effectively in a professional French context.

In addition, BSL provides career guidance services, assisting students in crafting effective CVs and preparing for interviews in French. This comprehensive approach ensures that students are not only language-ready but also job-ready.

Moreover, BSL's industry-recognized certification serves as a testament to the student's French language proficiency. This certification is highly esteemed by employers, thereby increasing the student's credibility during the internship selection process.

Lastly, their alumni network is a valuable resource. Many BSL alumni who have secured internships or jobs in French organizations often provide leads and guidance to current students.

Therefore, online French classes at BSL not only equip students with linguistic skills but also empower them with the necessary tools to secure internships in French-speaking environments.


In conclusion, the British School of Language evidently stands out as a top-tier choice for online French classes in India, offering a well-structured course, high-quality training, comprehensive exam preparation, and a supportive learning environment. With an array of world-class trainers, both native and Indian, the institution ensures quality teaching, tailored to the student's requirements. Their approach is structured, with an emphasis on personal attention and individualized learning experiences.

The course structure is designed for easy access and engaging learning with shared PPTs, PDFs, live tutorials, and recorded sessions. These resources cater to the modern learner's needs, making learning French both interesting and playful. Moreover, the courses are geared towards preparing students for competitive and international exams, following internationally recognized standards. This focus on proficiency and exam success solidifies BSL's commitment to its students' future prospects.

Furthermore, BSL offers guidance for higher studies abroad, issuing CEFR certificates based on Council of Europe standards, ranging from A1 to C1. The institution also supports students aiming for the DELF and DALF proficiency tests with lifelong validity, conducted by Alliance Française in India.

BSL's learning environment is commendable, with the provision for both online and offline classes, immediate course start, and trainer change requests. Their round-the-clock student support and practice sessions for clearing the DELE exam further demonstrate their student-centric approach.

Being the most trusted and oldest language learning website, BSL has consistently matched student expectations, resulting in positive reviews. Their reputation for offering job opportunities to scholar students speaks volumes about their commitment to student success. In essence, the British School of Language is a beacon of excellence in the realm of online French classes in India.

Learn French Online for Free / Learn French Online with Certificate

While the British School of Language offers premium French courses, there are also avenues for individuals seeking to learn French online for free or obtain a certification through online study. Despite not being a traditional classroom setting, online courses can provide equivalent, if not superior, learning experiences, equipped with comprehensive resources and interactive study materials.

Online platforms such as Coursera, Duolingo and others offer free French courses. These platforms provide an array of resources: * Interactive exercises for improving grammar and vocabulary. * Audio clips for enhancing listening skills and pronunciation. * Discussion forums for connecting with like-minded learners. * Quizzes for self-evaluation and progress tracking. * Mobile app support for learning on the go

However, if you're aiming for formal certification, the British School of Language offers online French courses that culminate in a certificate upon successful completion. These certificates are recognized globally, adding significant value to your resume. * The courses are structured as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ensuring international standards. * The learning process includes live tutorials, recorded sessions and access to online resources. * Students are prepared for competitive exams like DELF and DALF. * The course structure is designed for easy understanding, with shared PPTs and PDFs. * Upon completion, certificates are provided, reflecting 16 hours of nonstop online classes.

Whether you're learning French for a hobby, for work, or for academic purposes, the online space has opened up numerous possibilities, making language learning convenient and accessible to all.


BSL provides world-class native and Indian trainers. They are matched with students' requirements and follow a structured teaching approach. There is an emphasis on personal attention with compact batch sizes and individualized teaching.
Courses are systematically designed for easy access with shared PPTs and PDFs. Learning materials are easily accessible, interesting, and playful. Online resources, live tutorials, recorded sessions, and online classes are offered
Courses prepare students for competitive exams and international examinations. Training follows internationally recognized standards with guidance for higher studies abroad. French CEFR levels at BSL range from A1 to C1
DELF and DALF are French proficiency tests with lifelong validity. They range from A1 to B2 for DELF and C1 to C2 for DALF and are conducted by Alliance Française in India.
BSL offers online and offline classes with immediate course start and trainer change requests. There is 24*7 student support available and practice sessions are provided for clearing the DELE exam. BSL is the most trusted and oldest language learning website with positive reviews.
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