Why the girls are problem

Sakshi Chuhan
Batch E
BSL Alambagh

“What! Problem ? What am I saying and how can I say that being a girl is problem??” something weird
and shocking right? But it’s true.
Don’t be rude, don’t speak too much , don’t be loud, don’t be stubborn, try to be perfect wife, daughter,
sister, don’t wear short dresses, don’t apply dark lipstick, don’t go outside at night.
Don’t, don’t and don’t. We have to hear these things each and everyday. Why ?? Because we are girls
and we should stay in our limits. Really???
Since the time we born to full of the life we have to fight for our safety, education, and rights . And wait
wait….before all these things we have to fight for our birth at least let us come to this beautiful world
and see the entire universe and beautiful creations. And after that we have to fight for our safety from
one breath to last. even we are not safe in our own house, how can I expect it from our society ,city,
country and this entire universe .
“ Beti bachao beti padhao” this statement prove that we need to save girls and educate them. Why we
need to save them ? Why are we treating them like helpless and poor .I’m not saying It’s wrong or I’m
against if girls are being helped. But the thing is that have you ever hear about “ save boys and educate
boys” never ever. So why girls need to be saved who are these people who create this kind of
mentality. So first of all we need to change our mentality that girls are also a human being and have
equal rights to live their life by their own rules.
When the midnight local arrives in andheri station all the women climb into it because women are
allowed only one compartment after 11pm. So what do you think that after 11pm women don’t leave
their houses and don’t go outside. That’s why they are allowed only one compartment and who cares if
that one compartment is not sufficient for them. every day we are being judged by our makeup
,dressing sense, the way we talk ,the way we behave.
In India everyone can accept rape cases easily but they can’t accept love marriages. Why anyone
Doesn’t show their the same aggression for rights of girls and when rape happens in spite of showing
their aggression on love marriages .
All I want to ask that where the hell is my existence and all we want to live , to be free, to fly, and to
love and that’s all. And so stop being judgmental . Let us live by our own choices and decisions.

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