Undermining the value of parents


Akshay Pandey
Batch E
BSL Alambagh

Respecting elders it is the symbol of India and it is also a symbol of our civilization and these things we learn from our parents as a tradition and culture but now a days we are undermining the value of our parents .
Owing to there are increasing cases of elderly abuse and the question arises that who so this and why so for getting this thing I would like to share a story
Once upon a time there was a woman she lives in Mumbai in galaxy apartment at fourteenth floor and her husband got died now she had only son who was in abroad for his higher study and he use to talk his mother everyday and after completing his study he got the placement in same country and then he has started talking to her mother once in a week and gradually this ratio increased now he talk to his mother once in a month and then it reached to once in a year
And in between his mother asked him many times to picked her up with him but because of some hectic schedule he always use to procrastinate this particular wish of her mother and his mother didn’t like it but she never told him and where there she lived that place cost was around twelve cores of flat and she had made for daily household
chores and one day she made a call to his son and she said that she is unable to do the work and she forced him to carry her and cater her so at that time her son promised her that he would come and bring her with him and he put off the phone and time has passed and because of hectic schedule he forgot the things and after six months he remembered his promise which he made with his mother and for giving surprised he reached India and he went to his home but what he found nobody was opening the door he knocked the door many times then he called the police and police came then police broke the door and what they found that his mother got died in sitting posture at chair then that boy was very amazed that how would it be happened and after the postmortem report he came to know that by the hungriness and thirstiness she died
So by this story I would like to tell you that how parents plays vital role in our society and how we are cruel towards our parents . do we know that how many old age homes are running in India it is in huge quantity but it is uncountable that whatever member are living in those old age homes why is this uncountable number are there just because of we are too greedy and too selfish like A parents can feed ten children but ten children can’t feed one parents because it just pertaining to the state of mind when we can’t give respect to those who give birth to us so we are not able to call human and how can we forget the sacrifices of our parents towards us and the people who do this they think that they are preserving their future but they are wrong because of as you do you get same because if you consider you parents as burden so your child will consider you same owing to children learn what they see so don’t think that what you are doing it will give you peace may be for while you can get but in long duration you will have to pay for your this blunder so in the peroration I would like to say that if you do bad so you will have to face repercussion of it so always love your parent don’t treat them as a burden they are your experience they can help you in every aspect and love them now time has come we need to change our mentality our parents want only love they don’t need money they want respect and it is our duty to obey them and respect them

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