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Awareness of a foreign language develops the operational level of your mind by encouraging it to recognize, express meaning, and bond in diverse language systems. Learners who study foreign languages have performed well in standardized tests, primarily in math, reading, and vocabulary. Spanish is a language full of style with a glorious dialectal history. Spanish is the main language of millions of people in around twenty countries. Spanish is the second most widespread language, after English, used in several types of worldwide communiqué.

British School of Languages for Spanish Classes in Jhansi

Choosing a coaching center that comprehends and caters to your need to learn a language, which is not spoken in your nation, is a daunting task. Are you looking for Spanish classes in Jhansi?  British School of Language is one of the recognized and most trustworthy foreign language institutes in Jhansi offering the Spanish language courses.

Our institute is centrally located, well linked to road network.

British School of Languages is an institution that provides the best guidance to the students who are determined to study the Spanish language. Our program is methodically planned and developed by our research team related to the international levels of expertise acknowledged by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

BSL’s Spanish courses is adapted to achieve the language needs of the Indian learners. Every level places a firm foundation for the scholars to achieve the distinctive linguistic talent in the fields of well-informed ability, lexical requirement and communication proficiency.

Interactive media techniques are widely used in all our lessons to enhance the information in the lectures through audio-visual aid. All our Spanish Courses are comprehensive in nature, which makes sure that learners attain maximum skill in the least time.

Levels of Spanish

Common European Framework of Reference for language (CEFR) which is a joint body that depicts the language speaking capability of orators has separated Spanish language into six levels of learning.

A1 – Beginner

A2 – Elementary

B1 – Intermediate

B2 – Upper Intermediate

C1 – Advanced

C2- Master Proficient


BSL Spanish Courses Online

Our present teaching system has viewed a fundamental move with the start of online learning, which made an enormous impression on the education system and exposed new settings for everyone who wants to learn something.

  • In existing times, the growth of ability and the internet has made it thinkable for all to become adroit at something from the comfort of their home. Observing that students often experience constraint of time, British School of Language provides Online Spanish Coursesfor anyone motivated to learn the language, virtually.
  • Our courses follow the same program, lead to certification / diploma and is alike in value than any of our customary classes in any of our centers.
  • One can select to register in an online learning group with other learners where the tempo of the class can be set as per the precondition of the learner.


Here is How BSL Can Help You to Learn Spanish                                  

  • Customized sessions: One of the key profits of learning at BSL is that the instructions can be naturally ideal to go well with the particular prerequisite of learners. The pace, focus and purpose of each class are based on the must and proficiencies of the learner, which helps us to make certain highest learning skill.
  • Individual Attention: As the sessions are customized, the students benefits from individual consciousness and emphasis on their knowledge. The coach develops the learner’s capability through recurrence and putting joint efforts to overcome their feebleness, thus making the learning development operational.
  • Experienced Mentors: The institute has some of the best guides who provide the best direction, as they are experts in Spanish language coaching.
  • There is no rigidity in the arrangement of sessions, as syllabus has to be complete within a fixed time duration. The learner must use the total number of hours within the period chosen by the institute for the trainer to cover up the syllabus. This promises willpower of sessions, levelling the course of the curriculum, as well as makes sure progression in the expertise of the scholar learning a different language.


  • Up-to-date Study materials created by our research team and teachers, recommended for all the level of Spanish courses.
  • Each level is complete with the evaluation to assess the student’s performance.
  • Refined infrastructure, simplicity of learning, and a number of facilities are reachable for the learners without any trouble.


Training methodology

  • Verbal communication expertise are considered significant from the early days as the necessity of learning a new language to communicate with others.
  • We provide some of the best-researched study resources to validate that the learners get a chance to study at their best.
  • Learners will be needed to study in the class itself.
  • Writing skill is as vital as speaking and reading. Other than classroom teaching, the students are required to complete home assignments so that they practice repeatedly.


Final Words:                                         

Learning a language can be a thought-provoking and trying experience. Sometimes you sense that you have reached a blind alley and motivating yourself can become difficult. Remember that knowledge of a second language can guarantee you innumerable prospects.

Join British School of Language now and learn Spanish with all its stages slowly. No other institute other than British School of Language can give you such courses at such a judicious price, so join today and start learning.

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