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SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test, was previously called the Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is an MCQ-based, pencil-and-paper assessment designed and conducted by the College Board. The fundamental principle of the SAT is to gauge a high school student’s inclination for university and advise colleges with one common data that can be used to assess the performance of all the aspirants.

SAT exam assesses the aspirants on the basis of their Mathematical skills, Critical Reading, and writing skillfulness. As per the College Board, they ensure the capability which aspirants have well-read in their schools. They evaluate the expertise which is necessary for the educational accomplishment of the students in an institution. However, your SAT score is merely a part of your college admission process.

There are several other aspects excluding this that will be taken into account when looking for college admissions, like the high school percentage, educational record, letters of reference, scholarly activities, essays, etc. applicants who have a high-class reference, extra activities evidence of merit or other accomplishments have a bright chance of getting into a college.

If you are an Indian who aims to learn in a university in the USA, you have to get a decent SAT score to meet the standard for admission. Most academic institutes necessitate SAT scores. SAT is a paper-based examination, with the highest score of 1600

The SAT has 4 sections – Mathematics, reading test, and Writing and Language test. The scoring pattern is as follows:

  1. The Mathematics segment is scored on a scale of 200-800
  2. The Critical Reading segment is scored on a scale of 200-800
  3. The Essay is graded independently on a scale of 2-8


Is Coaching obligatory for SAT?

A lot of students aspires to go to USA for their higher studies. There are many esteemed educational institutions there that float their courses and are proud of their distinguished faculty. However, in order to get admittance in them, learners have to clear SAT. To attain this purpose, you must find an appropriate SAT coaching centre that can assist you in planning for the assessment and also direct you through the course of action.

British School of Language is a suitable choice if you are looking for SAT coaching in Gurgaon. Enrol and you can get your customized study schedule and be trained by skilled instructors. Apart from this, BSL can also offer other facilities that will aid to lock a seat in your chosen course at your preferred university in the USA. So, for applicants, it is imperative to join suitable coaching where they can get known with the assessment plan and go through their fundamentals.


Here’s how BSL can help you prepare for the SAT

A number of learners are not well acquainted with the SAT format. In most cases, college seats are occupied by scholars who aim to score the highest percentage of marks in their high school examinations. Other institutions conduct entrance procedures where only the most excellent scorers fulfil the requirement for entrance. So, for learners, it is essential to get perfect coaching where they can get familiar with the exam format and go through the basics.


Why BSL is one of the best SAT Coaching in Gurgaon?

  • To begin with, our trainers will assess your capability with a systematic evaluation to find out your strong and weak areas, and then plan a tailored course for you that will focus more on areas that require augmentation. The study program is so planned so that it helps you to achieve your goal, and makes sure that you have got the entire thing covered before the day of assessment.
  • Our students get excellent study hall experience, unlimited right to use our library, wide-ranging and inclusive study material, and a number of doubts solving sessions and even personalized when necessary.
  • We trust our reliable teaching technique that aspires to work on a learner’s complete reading, writing, comprehension and mathematical proficiency- not just rote learning.


The BSL Advantage:

  • At BSL, we conduct the sessions with a manageable batch size of students, so that a sufficient instructor-learner ratio is maintained. This assists aspirants to absorb lessons in a better manner, and also assists the trainer to pay attention to every student and to find out their strengths or weaknesses.
  • We arrange a lot of practice evaluations, and students are frequently reviewed on their class performance, participate in panel discussions and interviews.
  • We pay attention to each aspirant so that they can show their entire skills and get their favoured SAT score. This is a continuous process and is doubly important as the SAT currently lays stress on the critical reading and thinking of learners. Just recalling answers is not enough and the instructors make sure that you are ready for your SAT with assurance.


Our Methodology

We look at three phases of the preparation:

  1. Brushing up the basics: This is the first important step. Without clarity of the learning base, candidates cannot do well in the critical reading and reasoning section. We train our candidates so that they can reach the next level and handle difficult problems with effortlessness.
  2. Grading methods: BSL has expertise in SAT-specific strategy and scoring methods so that you can achieve the utmost level within such a brief time.
  3. Practice: We have an exclusive mock tests series that verify that you are going through regular assessment and that your speed and proficiency develops at the required rate.


BSL’s SAT Coaching

BSL is a reliable name for candidates as it helps them get into their favoured institute of higher education. BSL’s SAT course is a complete exam preparation program to assist the scholars to overcome their obstruction and achieves their educational goals.

Final Words:

To put it few words it can be assured that at BSL, we have self-assurance in offering you nothing but the finest. We have a group of enthusiastic, bright SAT trainers who have gone through cautious coaching to give you a firm hold in SAT groundwork. The method followed is one that has proven valuable over a period of time and is guaranteed to work.

BSL’s SAT special Offline program is tailored SAT training results planned for those who are worthy of absolute attention and professional support. Devoted coaches also help scholars in making a study schedule specially made as per scholar’s training level and aspiring SAT score.

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