Can my name and birth date of my Aadhar card be changed?

BSL Q&ACan my name and birth date of my Aadhar card be changed?
Sukriti asked 4 months ago

Can my name and birth date of my Aadhar card be changed?
To make an update request, you must register your mobile number with an anchor using an online service. To register on the Self Service Update Port you need your Adhar number and Registered Mobile Number. You can edit or edit your name, address, gender, birth date, mobile number and email id through the online service.
You will need to upload a copy of the certificate of renewal or revision of the certificate. Yuaieeaiai Accepts pseudo-lying (proof of identity) and PoA (address proof) documents. Visit the valid list of documents. Follow the step-by-step study to download or repair the orard card details online.
You need to change your birthday record. There is a process to change these details and it will take some time when the application is submitted. Then you have to advertise your nationality by national newspapers. Aadhar’s name and birthday change is not as easy as changing the address or mobile number. It is not a big deal if you change the date of birth. Your DOB should have a document that has been modified / modified based on age.
You can help in making a statement, but you must give your attorney the right evidence. The date of birth has a great impact on all matters – personal and professional. The Birth and Death Act, after the 1969 record, has become very serious. It is good to change your name and your father’s name.
The UDAI has also changed the rules for any transformation other than the address you need to go to the registration center with ID proof and other supporting documentation. They will provide you with an update number and you can check online
Go to your nearest Aadhar Register Office and complete the form of your changes and attach your proof to all changes. Other complaints will be done by the office.

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