Incomplete story

Akshay Pandey
Batch E
BSL Alambagh

One day I was in my balcony and I was watching busy road and I got a glimpse that a recognize person is coming towards my home oh he is my bosom friend sachin
Sachin . hey Akshay
I . yes please come at balcony
Sachin . hello Akshay how is life is treating you
I . yes I am great life is going awesome what about you
Sachin . I am also happy and glad to meet you
I . so is today something special
Sachin . no why are you asking this
I . actually you are looking joyful and your face is Brighton too
Sachin. No I am looking as usual no special
I . no something is fishy
Sachin . actually you are right really you are best friend how do you read my face
I . it is my inbuilt talent let it be let’s tell me what is matter that why are you feeling happy
Sachin . actually I fall in love
I . what with whom
Sachin . with a fox
I. Really
Sachin . no obviously with girl
I . OK I know duffer
I was asking about who’s girl
Sachin. OK she is in my Tution her name is afreen
I. What are you talking is she Muslim how can you do this do you forget that how much orthodox is your father how can you handle this
Sachin. I don’t know and I didn’t forget any thing and for this issue I came to you and as you now very well that love is blind love does not discriminate cast
I . I know my friend but this society do it and hello Mr I am not going to help you I don’t want to stuck in any problem
Its your choice so you will have to figure out the matter I can’t help
Sachin . how can you say this I came here with Lot’s of hope
I . after beaching him a lot I thought that I would help him bcz it is in my nature
I said
Stop crying so something I can do for you
Sachin. I knew that you are my best friend you can’t neglect me you are too kind
I. Ya OK stop buttering
So is it unilateral or bilateral
Sachin. We love to each other
I . so let’s meet her and what do you want from me
Sachin. I don’t have dare to give my number to her
I .till you didn’t give number to her and you are saying that you both are in love how it is possible
Sachin . actually when we meet then we talk typically
I . OK so I should make a plan for it
Sachin. Yes
So after getting all information I have made a that when she would leave the Tution on Saturday then I would give number to her
Sachin . yes it is great idea
I . yes
Now on Saturday we went to Tution classes and at the time of class end she was stepping down from the ladders and as I move towards her for giving number she said father and when I listed it I stopped myself and I saw a man who was around fifty five with long white beard and along with chetak scooter
And he was chewing pan he was looking too dangerous
But I promised sachin that I would give number to her at same day so I have done little bit change in plan and she has sat at the back seat of scooter and she went
But we have started following her and at time of movement when my bike and her scooter were parallel then deliberately I collided my bike to her scooter and we fell and in between sachin made her father busy in his clap trap and then I took out the chit and I kept it in her bag she accepted it but we don’t know that how he came to know this that he did something with her bag so he asked us that what you did with my daughter’s bag
Then her Daughter said that they didn’t do anything from my bag they are good people and they and they are also my classmates
Father. OK OK I know very well about these type of people so let’s go
After three day sachin got call from her and they both they both have started charting with each other
Then I am also felling relax that and I became busy in my daily chores
One I got call of sachin’s father she was very upset and he said that sachin got caught by police and now he is in the jail
I didn’t get the matter so I went to police station and met to sachin then he told me that everything is going bad to him his girlfriend has committed suicide and her parents logged the FIR against him that’s why he is in the jail and when I came to know that they both were wanted to get marry but their parents were not agree with it for that social pressure she committed suicide eventually sachin got punished for 10 years bcz he was juvenile
So the moral of story is don’t think is that love is blind love has also four eyes of both partners so don’t be like novice be aware from each and everything
Thanks to you all

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