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In our day-to-day life, we all always keep on talking about having a healthy body and eating healthy. But on an important note, we all must have healthy mind. Everyday people face different problems and for most of them they are unaware of the solution. People regret about different things in life, breakdown at failures, have a stagnant mind and in most of the cases, stand blank about a situation. Just like we want our body to support us and work with 100% efficiency so that we can make the best of our work, in the same way we must have a healthy mind who is ready to face problems, is ready to learn, to stand up again at breakdowns and is full of ideas so that whenever we face a problem or any situation in which we want 100% efficiency of our mind, our mind should support us.
Every other amazing things people have done so far was just started with proper ideas, a proper strategy and planning. Just imagine, if we could have such amazing things in life if the right idea would have struck our mind at the right time. Hence, there is a great requirement for a healthy mind.
Having a healthy mind doesn’t only mean that we are full of ideas but that we use our mind correctly at the right time. The first step in bringing about a change even in the smallest aspect of life is to accept and learn. Learning is what makes a big difference in a person’s life. If we keep on learning from our mistakes and from other people’s mistakes, we start growing. But learning about certain things might be easy but learning about dealing with life is not a destination, it’s a lifestyle. One important aspect of learning includes learning about different perspectives. It gives us more that one way of dealing with problems. Learning about different perspective is not what we can acquire from books, but by being a good listener. If we totally involve ourselves in what the other person is trying to say, we can easily get some ideas about the thinking capability of the other person. Hence, by being a good listener can actually teach us dealing with problems with more than one way.
Another important quality that mind needs is to be full of ideas. The most simplest and the only way to make our mind more thoughtful is to read books and listen to podcasts. Books enable our mind to get into deeper imaginations and to learn about different things.
Here concludes how we can control our mind and have a mind which is full of thoughts. Another thing is to have a calm mind. Having a calm mind is the biggest weapon of a person. A calm mind enables us to look at the situation with proper perspective and then find a solution. And the greatest tool for making our mind calm is meditation. Hereby it concludes that a calm mind, full of ideas and information and a lot of perspectives and knowledge about life situations and a healthy attitude is what makes a mind – A HEALTHY MIND.

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