How to excel in Speaking Fluent English?

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There are three aspect of learning to speak English.

  1. Environment

  2. Practice

  3. Guidance

Let’s understand it with the help of an Example. Let’s take an example of a new born baby, the same baby if born in America, speaks English very well. If born in China, speaks Chinese very well. If born in North India, speaks Hindi very well. The example highlights all the key aspect of learning a language.

  1. Environment- Environment refers to the surrounding you reside in, If you live in an environment where most people speak good English then you are more likely to speak better English than any other language. It is same with the baby as well, the baby is born in the surrounding where most of the people speak good English, Hence the baby gets the proper environment to learn English. It is well said that “You are the average of five people you spend your most of the time with” which directly reflects the importance of a suitable Environment.
  2. Practice- As the famous proverb goes “Practice makes a man perfect.” It is true with almost everything in the world and the same goes with speaking English or any other language. In order to speak fluent English You will have to practice it as much as possible, never miss any opportunity to speak English, the more you practice, the better you speak. Now let’s hop into the example of the baby. From the day baby starts speaking, he continuously practices. All the word that comes out of his mouth is not 100% correct, the sentences are broken with little or no grammatical sense but yet the baby never stops practicing. He practices it to the extend where he speaks proper English with correct grammar.
  3. Guidance- Speed is irrelevant if you are going in the wrong direction. It is true with all the aspects of life so as English. Above mention aspects are of less use if you don’t have the third one right. If you get the suitable environment for speaking English and practice it as much as you can but have no one to guide you along the path to speaking correct English then you won’t be able to make it. When you start something new, you tend to commit a lot of mistakes and then learn from it to improve yourself at it but you need someone to guide you along the path who could highlight your mistakes corrects them and make sure that you don’t repeat it again. And this is the part where most people make mistake, they think that they will be able to make it all alone and they need no other guidance. If

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