How does it Work?

BSL English on Phone is a service intended solely to people who can’t attend the regular English Classes for one or the other reason. BSL English on Phone provides a viable option for such people. Let’s get to know what you and we would do together to improve your communication skills.

English on Phone Structure
Session Details


Grammar and Error Correction for impeccable command over the language


Vocabulary for all occasions to develop a quality conversation 


Conversation Activities for fluency in English with a dedicated trainer
  • Grammar

    • Tenses
    • Modal Verbs
    • Active Passive
    • Direct Indirect
    • Conditionals
    • Prepositions
    • Conjunctions
    • Readymade sentences
    • Miscellaneous Sentences
  • Vocabulary

    • Daily Use Words
    • High Impact Words
    • Corporate Vocab
    • Social Vocab
    • Newspaper Vocab
    • One word Substitutions
    • Idioms/Phrases/Proverbs
  • Conversation

    • Conversation Activities
    • Free Speech
    • One on one Conversation
    • Presentation Skills
    • Discussion
    • Interview Preparation.

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