English Speaking Course in Lucknow

English Speaking Course in Lucknow


The most ordinary problem faced by a lot of learners is that although they are competent to read and understand books in the English language, they are unable to communicate confidently in English. The solution is to master “Spoken English”!!

English is the key to career growth and one’s job prospects increase manyfold. People who can speak English fluently are preferred by companies, be it national or international companies. Freshers with capability and conviction in verbal communication and understanding English have a leading edge over others.

As a renowned brand in teaching English, BSL caters to the requirements of the learners in a diverse manner. Many of you may be thinking why we are calling it the British School of Language, well it’s because- the people who are skilled in American English are learning British English as it is graceful and grammatically right.

British School of Language is India’s seasoned and most dependable Spoken English Training Institute since 1971. BSL has geared up more than 300,000 learners to become effective experts and self-disciplined people. BSL has been acknowledged as most remarkable, incessantly for more than four decades in preparing and improving the learners continuously.

On the off chance that you are here and appreciate this, that means you in addition desire to improve your relational capability and verbal communication.

Spoken English courses at the British School of Language have been industriously designed to build up your English language proficiency. We are positioned in Kapoorthla where it’s easy to commute for a learner.

What we offer sets us apart from others:

  • Custom-made study plans
  • Specialist educators
  • Personal approach


You have the liberty to select your lecture timetable, set learning agenda and evaluate your growth. Bond and connect with our talented educators and learners in our interactive sessions.

You aspire to be trained in English for the job or merely wish development in your grammatical skills, talking and accent, the British School of Language provides a premium learning platform and professional teaching. Learn by way of our interactive platform, ascertain flexible timing choices and connect to our sessions at whatsoever time it’s possible for you. Check your growth and get answers from your Instructors. Polish your English skills pleasantly and interactively with the help of our excellent personal educators who will help you achieve something by acting as a teacher, coach, and counsellor.

Here’s how a spoken English Course Can Help You Speak English Fluently

At the British School of Language, we provide individual training of thirty minutes of one-to-one English training with our expert educators. You may have numerous reasons for learning English, it may be for your career, self-improvement or to take a trip, we pleasantly provide to your needs to build up the skills you require. Our exceedingly experienced trainers will put together an academic plan with you, concentrating on realizing your aim, and as a guide, they will find a rhythm and methodology that suits you. Sessions are interactive and planned to get you speaking gallantly.


Custom-built, Adaptable learning


Our person to person classes are totally tailored to your necessity; choose a subject or capability that you want to perk up, or pick from a learning plan. If you’re not confident, you can get expert advice from your trainer. At the end of the session, your coach will share his opinion about your verbal communication performance. The feedback given by our expert team is especially useful for beginners.
Our tutors are available from 7 am to 11 pm so you can request training sessions at times that suit you. There is no necessity for downloads. All you require is a computer, a webcam, a microphone, and an internet connection.
After your initial session, you’ll get entry to a fully tailored learning plan – including grammar and speaking theme – to work on with your coach.



The Cement of English

Grammar gives you the tools to form sentences in English Language and it is an essential part of learning. Our approach to grammar is unique and innovative which makes it easy to learn and quick to apply.


 Practice for Perfection
Practice makes the man perfect! This is the fundamental idea behind learning any language and English is no different. We do a lot of activities, which enhance your language skills and confidence at the same time.


The Brickwork of English

Vocabulary is like the brick in the building without which the language is impossible. We practice thematic vocabulary with a focus on learning exercises so that you can remember and use the words with ease.

Personality Development

12 Week Special Module
Just speaking English is not enough, BSL makes you an all-rounder by covering all aspects of personality in 12 weeks with video shoots on weekly basis for your own personal judgment of your progress and confidence

   Simplified Grammar

    • Basic to Advanced Grammar
    • Parts of Speech
    • Tenses
    • Active Passive
    • Modal Verbs
    • Direct Indirect
    • Conditionals
    • Let/Get/Make/Have
    • Misc. Grammar
    • Readymade Sentences


  • Vocabulary building
  • Daily Usage Words
  • Advanced Usage Words
  • Thematic Vocabulary
  • Newspaper Vocabulary
  • Synonyms/Antonyms
  • Idioms/Phrases/Proverbs
  • One word substitutions


BSL offers high standards of training to go well with the individual necessities of each aspirant and guarantees satisfaction. The biggest advantage is that the aspirants can join the coaching at any time at their own ease and extend it as they like. We focus more on reasonable execution and guarantee that no stone is left unturned all the while. It has to be valued that one cannot converse in English confidently without first attaining the aptitude to think in English. It is this issue which is never considered by other training centres which conduct courses in “Spoken English”. We chip away at Grammar, Vocabulary, Phonetics, Accent, perception capacity and generally significant, practice. Our trainers are exclusively knowledgeable to comprehend the English skills essential to accomplish something. Each instructor holds a training aptitude and has also worked in a specialized setting with practice in varied areas including banking, marketing, sales, human resources and more.

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