Priya Srivastava
Batch E
BSL Alambagh

Two childhood friends, both were best friends in childhood and both were also nebhiour or classmates . One day teacher said you are good girl your work is too good but teacher didn’t say about good her friend so second girl anger that time and second girl since then compare with her friend. She was started comparing with her friend all time that girl whatever done her friend also done same thing like same dress same shoe and more other things. Which was not good for her but she done always. One day due to comparison, second girl did very bad action or thing and for that mistake teacher punished that girl.
Actually people want to compare with everyone they don’t think what am I doing? Actually comparison is not good for anyone but people compare with everyone specially who person rich , celebrity. And now time comparison crage increasing day by day, everyone doing this thing. And now time opposition parties are comparing with our prime minister .
If we compare with anyone so loss will be ours always . And it’s good ex- who people compare with our prime minister so our prime minister doesn’t have any impact on him . And I want to tell you with everyone We never should compare with anyone.and please don’t compare with anyone or specially our prime minister because he is one of the best and No-one can’t compare him with anyone. Because due to comparison loss is always ours.

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