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Priya Srivastava
Batch E
BSL Alambagh

Two childhood friends, both were best friends in childhood and both were also nebhiour or classmates . One day teacher said you are good girl your work is too good but teacher didn’t say about good her friend so second girl anger that time and second girl since then compare with her friend. She was started comparing with her friend all time that girl whatever done her friend also done same thing like same dress same shoe and more other things. Which was not good for her but she done always. One day due to comparison, second girl did very bad action or thing and for that mistake teacher punished that girl.
Actually people want to compare with everyone they don’t think what am I doing? Actually comparison is not good for anyone but people compare with everyone specially who person rich , celebrity. And now time comparison crage increasing day by day, everyone doing this thing. And now time opposition parties are comparing with our prime minister .
If we compare with anyone so loss will be ours always . And it’s good ex- who people compare with our prime minister so our prime minister doesn’t have any impact on him . And I want to tell you with everyone We never should compare with anyone.and please don’t compare with anyone or specially our prime minister because he is one of the best and No-one can’t compare him with anyone. Because due to comparison loss is always ours.

Arrogance vs money

Shivangi Nath
Batch E
BSL Alambagh

Is money all that money does in today’s world for man, man for money and why does the thinking of man change with money? In this scenario of today, we learnt that for money makes a man proud slowly, and that vanity increasing so much that man considers himself to be the top of the world and even he tries to lower from himself. In today’s time as a human being is heading for money, so is the inferiority complex feeling to each other waking up in there mind
*) how is it happen-
First of all at some point in our life we all are arrogant l found that people most often are arrogant, I find this is very common in People when they talk about money there are many people in the world of money, arrogant people share many characteristics associated to advance themselves, often at a cost to others
*) what solutions should be-)
First of all people have to think that people are important in life because everyone’s life in filled with ups and downs. But some thing should not change according to time, not the whole person. Because the importance of the person and people in our lives is more. The person loses everything in the affair of arrogance and money. Then after a long time they realise and understands. So before the arrival of this situation, go ahead and take care of all these things and do not take care yourself and don’t.

Why the girls are problem

Sakshi Chuhan
Batch E
BSL Alambagh

“What! Problem ? What am I saying and how can I say that being a girl is problem??” something weird
and shocking right? But it’s true.
Don’t be rude, don’t speak too much , don’t be loud, don’t be stubborn, try to be perfect wife, daughter,
sister, don’t wear short dresses, don’t apply dark lipstick, don’t go outside at night.
Don’t, don’t and don’t. We have to hear these things each and everyday. Why ?? Because we are girls
and we should stay in our limits. Really???
Since the time we born to full of the life we have to fight for our safety, education, and rights . And wait
wait….before all these things we have to fight for our birth at least let us come to this beautiful world
and see the entire universe and beautiful creations. And after that we have to fight for our safety from
one breath to last. even we are not safe in our own house, how can I expect it from our society ,city,
country and this entire universe .
“ Beti bachao beti padhao” this statement prove that we need to save girls and educate them. Why we
need to save them ? Why are we treating them like helpless and poor .I’m not saying It’s wrong or I’m
against if girls are being helped. But the thing is that have you ever hear about “ save boys and educate
boys” never ever. So why girls need to be saved who are these people who create this kind of
mentality. So first of all we need to change our mentality that girls are also a human being and have
equal rights to live their life by their own rules.
When the midnight local arrives in andheri station all the women climb into it because women are
allowed only one compartment after 11pm. So what do you think that after 11pm women don’t leave
their houses and don’t go outside. That’s why they are allowed only one compartment and who cares if
that one compartment is not sufficient for them. every day we are being judged by our makeup
,dressing sense, the way we talk ,the way we behave.
In India everyone can accept rape cases easily but they can’t accept love marriages. Why anyone
Doesn’t show their the same aggression for rights of girls and when rape happens in spite of showing
their aggression on love marriages .
All I want to ask that where the hell is my existence and all we want to live , to be free, to fly, and to
love and that’s all. And so stop being judgmental . Let us live by our own choices and decisions.

Importance of healthy life


Batch E
BSL Alambagh

In our day-to-day life, we all always keep on talking about having a healthy body and eating healthy. But on an important note, we all must have healthy mind. Everyday people face different problems and for most of them they are unaware of the solution. People regret about different things in life, breakdown at failures, have a stagnant mind and in most of the cases, stand blank about a situation. Just like we want our body to support us and work with 100% efficiency so that we can make the best of our work, in the same way we must have a healthy mind who is ready to face problems, is ready to learn, to stand up again at breakdowns and is full of ideas so that whenever we face a problem or any situation in which we want 100% efficiency of our mind, our mind should support us.
Every other amazing things people have done so far was just started with proper ideas, a proper strategy and planning. Just imagine, if we could have such amazing things in life if the right idea would have struck our mind at the right time. Hence, there is a great requirement for a healthy mind.
Having a healthy mind doesn’t only mean that we are full of ideas but that we use our mind correctly at the right time. The first step in bringing about a change even in the smallest aspect of life is to accept and learn. Learning is what makes a big difference in a person’s life. If we keep on learning from our mistakes and from other people’s mistakes, we start growing. But learning about certain things might be easy but learning about dealing with life is not a destination, it’s a lifestyle. One important aspect of learning includes learning about different perspectives. It gives us more that one way of dealing with problems. Learning about different perspective is not what we can acquire from books, but by being a good listener. If we totally involve ourselves in what the other person is trying to say, we can easily get some ideas about the thinking capability of the other person. Hence, by being a good listener can actually teach us dealing with problems with more than one way.
Another important quality that mind needs is to be full of ideas. The most simplest and the only way to make our mind more thoughtful is to read books and listen to podcasts. Books enable our mind to get into deeper imaginations and to learn about different things.
Here concludes how we can control our mind and have a mind which is full of thoughts. Another thing is to have a calm mind. Having a calm mind is the biggest weapon of a person. A calm mind enables us to look at the situation with proper perspective and then find a solution. And the greatest tool for making our mind calm is meditation. Hereby it concludes that a calm mind, full of ideas and information and a lot of perspectives and knowledge about life situations and a healthy attitude is what makes a mind – A HEALTHY MIND.

Incomplete story

Akshay Pandey
Batch E
BSL Alambagh

One day I was in my balcony and I was watching busy road and I got a glimpse that a recognize person is coming towards my home oh he is my bosom friend sachin
Sachin . hey Akshay
I . yes please come at balcony
Sachin . hello Akshay how is life is treating you
I . yes I am great life is going awesome what about you
Sachin . I am also happy and glad to meet you
I . so is today something special
Sachin . no why are you asking this
I . actually you are looking joyful and your face is Brighton too
Sachin. No I am looking as usual no special
I . no something is fishy
Sachin . actually you are right really you are best friend how do you read my face
I . it is my inbuilt talent let it be let’s tell me what is matter that why are you feeling happy
Sachin . actually I fall in love
I . what with whom
Sachin . with a fox
I. Really
Sachin . no obviously with girl
I . OK I know duffer
I was asking about who’s girl
Sachin. OK she is in my Tution her name is afreen
I. What are you talking is she Muslim how can you do this do you forget that how much orthodox is your father how can you handle this
Sachin. I don’t know and I didn’t forget any thing and for this issue I came to you and as you now very well that love is blind love does not discriminate cast
I . I know my friend but this society do it and hello Mr I am not going to help you I don’t want to stuck in any problem
Its your choice so you will have to figure out the matter I can’t help
Sachin . how can you say this I came here with Lot’s of hope
I . after beaching him a lot I thought that I would help him bcz it is in my nature
I said
Stop crying so something I can do for you
Sachin. I knew that you are my best friend you can’t neglect me you are too kind
I. Ya OK stop buttering
So is it unilateral or bilateral
Sachin. We love to each other
I . so let’s meet her and what do you want from me
Sachin. I don’t have dare to give my number to her
I .till you didn’t give number to her and you are saying that you both are in love how it is possible
Sachin . actually when we meet then we talk typically
I . OK so I should make a plan for it
Sachin. Yes
So after getting all information I have made a that when she would leave the Tution on Saturday then I would give number to her
Sachin . yes it is great idea
I . yes
Now on Saturday we went to Tution classes and at the time of class end she was stepping down from the ladders and as I move towards her for giving number she said father and when I listed it I stopped myself and I saw a man who was around fifty five with long white beard and along with chetak scooter
And he was chewing pan he was looking too dangerous
But I promised sachin that I would give number to her at same day so I have done little bit change in plan and she has sat at the back seat of scooter and she went
But we have started following her and at time of movement when my bike and her scooter were parallel then deliberately I collided my bike to her scooter and we fell and in between sachin made her father busy in his clap trap and then I took out the chit and I kept it in her bag she accepted it but we don’t know that how he came to know this that he did something with her bag so he asked us that what you did with my daughter’s bag
Then her Daughter said that they didn’t do anything from my bag they are good people and they and they are also my classmates
Father. OK OK I know very well about these type of people so let’s go
After three day sachin got call from her and they both they both have started charting with each other
Then I am also felling relax that and I became busy in my daily chores
One I got call of sachin’s father she was very upset and he said that sachin got caught by police and now he is in the jail
I didn’t get the matter so I went to police station and met to sachin then he told me that everything is going bad to him his girlfriend has committed suicide and her parents logged the FIR against him that’s why he is in the jail and when I came to know that they both were wanted to get marry but their parents were not agree with it for that social pressure she committed suicide eventually sachin got punished for 10 years bcz he was juvenile
So the moral of story is don’t think is that love is blind love has also four eyes of both partners so don’t be like novice be aware from each and everything
Thanks to you all

Undermining the value of parents


Akshay Pandey
Batch E
BSL Alambagh

Respecting elders it is the symbol of India and it is also a symbol of our civilization and these things we learn from our parents as a tradition and culture but now a days we are undermining the value of our parents .
Owing to there are increasing cases of elderly abuse and the question arises that who so this and why so for getting this thing I would like to share a story
Once upon a time there was a woman she lives in Mumbai in galaxy apartment at fourteenth floor and her husband got died now she had only son who was in abroad for his higher study and he use to talk his mother everyday and after completing his study he got the placement in same country and then he has started talking to her mother once in a week and gradually this ratio increased now he talk to his mother once in a month and then it reached to once in a year
And in between his mother asked him many times to picked her up with him but because of some hectic schedule he always use to procrastinate this particular wish of her mother and his mother didn’t like it but she never told him and where there she lived that place cost was around twelve cores of flat and she had made for daily household
chores and one day she made a call to his son and she said that she is unable to do the work and she forced him to carry her and cater her so at that time her son promised her that he would come and bring her with him and he put off the phone and time has passed and because of hectic schedule he forgot the things and after six months he remembered his promise which he made with his mother and for giving surprised he reached India and he went to his home but what he found nobody was opening the door he knocked the door many times then he called the police and police came then police broke the door and what they found that his mother got died in sitting posture at chair then that boy was very amazed that how would it be happened and after the postmortem report he came to know that by the hungriness and thirstiness she died
So by this story I would like to tell you that how parents plays vital role in our society and how we are cruel towards our parents . do we know that how many old age homes are running in India it is in huge quantity but it is uncountable that whatever member are living in those old age homes why is this uncountable number are there just because of we are too greedy and too selfish like A parents can feed ten children but ten children can’t feed one parents because it just pertaining to the state of mind when we can’t give respect to those who give birth to us so we are not able to call human and how can we forget the sacrifices of our parents towards us and the people who do this they think that they are preserving their future but they are wrong because of as you do you get same because if you consider you parents as burden so your child will consider you same owing to children learn what they see so don’t think that what you are doing it will give you peace may be for while you can get but in long duration you will have to pay for your this blunder so in the peroration I would like to say that if you do bad so you will have to face repercussion of it so always love your parent don’t treat them as a burden they are your experience they can help you in every aspect and love them now time has come we need to change our mentality our parents want only love they don’t need money they want respect and it is our duty to obey them and respect them



Batch E
BSL Alambagh

Healthy Eating means eating a variety of foods that give you the nutrients you need to maintain your health, and have energy.These nutrients includes protein, carbohydrates,fats, vitamins and minerals.Healthy eating helps you in many ways.It can help you in weight loss, Diabetes management,heart health and stroke prevention, strong bones and teeth, better mood and also improve your memory. Healthy eating combined with some physical activity can help you to maintain healthy weight and reduce risk of chronic diseases and promote your overall health.These five superfoods top the list of the best healthy food to eat every day are……,.. sweet potatoes, eggs,oats, spinach,nuts.. Eating healthy diet rich in some vegetables and fruits may protect against certain types of cancer.Diets rich in food containing fiber may reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and type two diabetes.We all need a balance of nutrients in our diet to sustain a healthy body.Cooking more meals at home can help you take charge of what you are eating and better monitor exactly what goes into your will eat fewer calories and avoid chemical additives,added sugar,and unhealthy fats.The healthier the food you eat, the better you will feel after a meal.The more junk food you eat , the more likely you are to feel uncomfortable, nauseous,or drained of energy.Drink plenty of water….water helps flush our systems of waste products and toxins,so staying well hydrated will also help you make healthier food choices.As you reduce your intake of unhealthy foods, you may find yourself craving them less or thinking of them as only occasional indulgences……… Thanks

How to build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

Batch E 
BSL Alambagh

Hello everyone In my previous article I wrote about healthy eating and now in this article I want to share my opinion about habits. Habits are actually the small decisions you make and actions you perform everyday.Our life today is essentially the sum of our habits.Forty percentage of our behavior on any given day is due to our habits.what we repeatedly do ultimately forms the person we are, the things we believe,and the personality that we portray. Everything when we talk about productivity. to strength and nutrition_starts with better habits.when we learn to transform our habits,we can transform our life

The process of building a habit can be divided into four simple steps : cue-a signal prompting an action, craving,response,and reward .
Cue is the first indication that we are close to a reward,it naturally leads to a craving.Craving is the second step of habit loop and they are the motivational force behind every habit.without some level of motivation or desire_ with out craving a change_we have no reason to don’t crave smoking a cigarette, you crave the feeling of relief it are not motivated by brushing your teeth but rather by feeling of a clean do not want to turn on the television, you want to be entertained.Every craving is linked to a desire to change your internal state. Craving differs from person to person.The third step is response.The response is the actual habit you perform, your response also depends on your ability.Finally, the response delivers a reward.Rewards are the end goal of every habit.The cue is about noticing the reward. The craving is about wanting the reward.The response is about obtaining the reward. We chase reward because they serve two purposes : 1-they satisfy us and 2-they teach us.our brain is a reward detector. Bad habits interrupt your life and prevent you from accomplishing your goals.They jeopardize your health_both mentally and physically.And they waste your time and energy

Most of the time ,bad habits are simply a way of dealing with stress and boredom.Recognizing the cause of your bad habits is crucial to overcoming them.Always remember you don’t eliminate a bad habit, you only replace it.sometimes the benefit is biological, sometimes it is emotional, your bad habit is a simple way to cope up with stress.For example,biting your nails,pulling your hair, tapping your foot,or clenching your jaws.we have to develop good habits by having clear intentions,by designing your environment,by celebrate your small wins,by start ridiculously small,and also by surround yourself with supporters. Thanks for reading