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BSL offers courses for English and foreign languages certification courses in Spanish, French and German. It also prepares the aspirants for IELTS (International EnglishLanguage Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language, PTE (Pearson Test of English), OET (Occupational English Test) & study abroad tests such as GMAT, GRE & SAT.

Language Certificates

Get Certified in English, French, German and Spanish from India’s best Language Institute.

Offline Studies

We have more than 100 teachers and 1000 students studying English on a daily basis.

50 Years of Excellence

BSL British School of language Lucknow has been training students for the past 50 years.

Our Courses

Skills for Over 4 Languages

12 week classes

Learn all levels of English, French, German and Spanish with BSL British School of Language. A1 Level, A2 Level, B1 Level and B2 level under one roof with the best faculty of Lucknow.

IELTS & TOEFL Preparation

8 week classes

Prepare for IELTS & TOEFL Exam from the best institute in Lucknow. Score more bands in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing tests with the help of best faculty.

SAT, GMAT & GRE Preparation

Self Paced

Crack the most advanced exams with the help of BSL British School of Language. We have the best faculty and infrastructure in Lucknow which help you achieve desired scores.

English Speaking & 12 Personality Development Weeks

IELTS Coaching

SAT Coaching

Foreign Languages

French Language Coaching

German Language Coaching

Spanish Language Coaching

GRE Coaching

TOEFL Coaching

GMAT Coaching

PTE Coaching

English Speaking for Kids Coaching

Study Abroad Consulting

Visa Consulting

OET Coaching

Permanent Residence PR Canada in Lucknow

Register Today!

Students can register on our courses by visiting our center near to them. We have one branch in Lucknow located in Alambagh, Kapoorthala and Indiranagar. All kinds of transportation services are available within 50 meters radius of the Institutes.

Why Learn English?

Travel The World With Confidence

It is an undeniable fact that English is a language used by most of the nations either as primary or secondary language and speaking it will increase your reach to a wider audience.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Whether you are looking for a job or starting your own business English is a language that will definitely improve your profile score.

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Speaking different languages opens up gates to cross the barrier of one nation and look into cultures of the other nations and learn from them.

Become a Better Learner

In the process of studying new things your brain gets in the habit of it and this makes you a better learner in all walks of life, professional or personal.

Business Travel & Communication

When travelling outside India or any country there should be at least two languages that a person should know and English is most spoken language worldwide.

Speak With More People

Networking is the biggest things which can make or break a person professional life. So English can give you more reach and confidence to speak with more poeple. 


Why Learn With Us?


Established for Over 50 Years

We were established in 1971 and since then never looked back.


Over 100,000+ Graduates

Over these years we have taught thousands of students..


Located in the Heart of Lucknow

We are present in Lucknow location in Alambagh, Kapoorthala and Indiranagar area.


World Class Offline Educators

We are the only center with best offline classes.

What Our Students Say About Us

I never had the confidence to speak in English and the BSL British School of Language has helped me to the extent that now I am able to give presentations for even an hour.

Md. Shahid

English Speaking Course Student

From preparing me for the IELTS exam to helping me in the immigration process they have helped me reach my dream destination Canada.

Gurmeet Singh

IELTS Student Abroad

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of courses?

We have courses ranging from 45 day to 6 months. Time duration totally depends on preference of the courses

How many hours a student has to devote everyday?

A student has to spend 1 to 2 hours everyday for the classes. For same courses we also give classes on Sunday. Make sure to ask for the time schedule from the councellor.

Do I have to pay for the Demo Class?

No demo class is absolutely free you have to just enroll with us by requesting the demo below, or calling at our phone number or just WhatsApp us, if you wish you may mail us also.

How much I have to pay to start?

We are very flexible and dedicated to education for everyone concept, in spite of structure of the course, we ask for one-month fees in advance only. And advance depends on the preference of the courses.

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