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  • How do you train your trainers?

We have skilled trainers associated with our institution. We enhance their skills by providing special training at our headquarter in Delhi. Specially, we train them for voice and accent classes.

  • What batch timing do you provide?

We have 15 hour non-stop classes of 2 and a half hours each, starting from 6:30 in morning till 9:30 in night.

  • What is the schedule of a 2 and a half hours session?

In first 45 minutes, students are taught grammar. Next 20 minutes is for vocabulary which includes daily routine words, synonyms, antonyms and one word substitution.

  • What do you teach in grammar?

In grammar, we teach noun, pronoun, adjective, article, verb, adverb, tenses, active/passive, direct/indirect speech, preposition, conjunction, interjection, exclamatory, sentences, modals, conditional sentences, use of get/let/make.

  • What programmes do you conduct in personality development?

Personality development is divided into 12 weeks. Weekly activities include introduction week, blog week, role play week, mock interview week, social conduct week, presentation week, team player week, 1 on 1 debate week, be an anchor week, brainstorming week, don’t be camera shy week, pair up act week.

  • What is the difference between British English and American English?

British English and American English are different grammatically as well as in accent. British English accepts both British and American accents. British English focuses on the grammar and its rules whereas American English just focuses on spoken English. When Americans speak English, they commit a lot of grammatical mistakes which will create a negative impression on the person you are conversing with.

  • Why should I join BSL?

We provide the best infrastructure and healthy atmosphere needed by the students to learn English. We provide equal attention to grammar as well as spoken English. We have digital classes conducted by our skilled trainers.

  • Which students join BSL?

Mostly, students who are preparing for competitive exams join BSL. And of course, those who hesitate or lack the fluency in spoken English join BSL.

  • What is the maximum time in which a student can start conversing in English?

Our motto is that the students start conversing in English with minimum span of 3 months. And then it’s according to calibre of the students.

  • What about notes and handouts?

We provide a book of Grammar (bilingual in language, that is, English and Hindi) of exclusively our institution. Trainers also give handouts from time to time. Also, we distribute Indian Express newspaper to our students.

  • What is the mode of communication and teaching in classrooms?

The mode of communication and teaching is English as well as Hindi. Also, smart visual aids are also present for mode of teaching in class.