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BSL Course Details: English Speaking and Personality Development for Alambagh, Indira Nagar and Kapoorthala Centers in Lucknow. We have different memberships from 3 months to lifetime for our Spoken English and Personality Development courses. Our memberships start at 4000/- Only for 3 month course.

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English Speaking Course Indira Nagar | Alambagh | Kapoorthala Lucknow

Curriculum consists of:


Advanced and interesting version of Grammar with full coverage of all the relevant topics for 3 times(complete and comprehensive study with adequate revisions)
Starting from Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Article, Verb, Adverb, Tenses (Past, Present & Future), Active/Passive, Direct/Indirect, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection, Exclamatory Sentences, Modals, Conditional Sentence, use of Let/Get/Make


#Daily routine words
#Special focus on synonyms, antonyms, one word substitution.

#Vocabulary of English Daily Newspaper (The Indian Express)
#Phrasal verbs and their appropriate usage (Speak with authority)


#One to one Conversations-
Live English with BSL with day to day life themes.
#Unleashing the creative side-
by speaking on interesting and informative topics everyday

Group Discussion

#Exposure to well constructed and formal dialogues.
Be ready for Highly Professional Discussions.

Personality Development

We have divided personality development into 12 weeks.
1. Introduction week
2. Blog week
3. Role play week
4. Mock interview week
5. Social conduct week
6. Presentation Week
7. Team Player week
8. 1 on 1 Debate week
9. Be an anchor week
10. Brainstorming week
11. Don’t be camera shy week
12. Pair up to act week

The Final Touch

# We strive for perfection in every student in all the departments including but not limited to Pronunciation, Confidence and Creativity.