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Who doesn’t want to have a successful career and Education is considered to be the stepping stone for this. No one can deny the fact that how drastically the graph of Competition has risen steeply over a very short span of time. Amid this cutthroat competition, the quality of education was to inevitably compromise. Abroad Education has always been scholar’s Dream but with passage of time, it has emerged out be a key to success for students.

To most of the commonalities, Study abroad is extremely steep way to get educated which is apparently not a fact. With the dawn of gradual spread awareness, Study abroad has become more prominent and affordable. Countries like Canada, Germany; even Singapore are few among many which have cemented themselves as one of the most favorite Academic destination choice among Students. BSL guides you throughout your journey and helps you achieve you goals. Having mentioned that, BSL takes care of your Requirements, Budget and Comfort.

The Form


You have to be very precise in Filling up the form as even a minor mistake might lead to a complete cancellation. Every university has a different process and most of the process depends on the information provided in the application form, which also includes the rest of the requirements to follow through the whole admission process. It is the initial paperwork that needs to be done precisely and carefully.

The Certificates

Your Academics

If you’ve just completed your high school, you will need your senior secondary certificates (SSC) and higher secondary certificates (HSC) and their mark sheets.If you have already finished your bachelors’ degree or postgraduate degree, you will have to bring your degree certificate and the mark sheets. The certificates are an important part of the application process and any discrepancy can lead to failure.

Statement of Purpose

Your Coverstory

I can confidently tell you that my SOP bagged me my place at university”. This written document will signify who you are, what made you choose your career path, why you opted for that particular university, what are you planning to do after the course, interests and other personal details. A well- written SOP will be the key to your way into the university. So take a good amount of time before you submit the SOP

The Resume

Your Details

Right after you finish your high school, it is a good idea to prepare a powerful resume. I know it’s slightly unrealistic to have a powerful resume just after high school, but give it a try! It is wise to get help while preparing your resume; stick to two pages at the most, if possible. The resume should be furnished with all the relevant information related to your education and experience if any, with good references.

Letters of recommendation

Your Background

People always want to know what others think of you. Find the right opportunity to ask for a recommendation letter from someone who you know for sure will nail it for you. A sad recommendation letter will push you down the ladder. It can be form your old school, college, university, professor or any person who can recommend you and is himself a reputed personality or has a authoritative position.

Experience and Photos

Relevant and Latest

If you are applying for grad school, make sure you have relevant experience documents. You might not have experience certificates if you’ve just finished high school. So skip this step. Now about right size photos, I almost lost my chances of getting out of India just because I attached a wrong- sized photo! Honestly. Always double check the dimensions of the passport size photo, be it admissions or visas.


The Wrap

Once you have all the right documents, re-check it as many times as you want. This will take you one step closer to your dream university. Have attested copies of all the documents in a folder and arrange it according to the check list. This will help you organize your application better. It might seem like you have all the documents necessary, but never be too confident. Plan ahead of time and prepare all the documents a couple of months before the application process starts. This will ease your blood pressure and that of your parents!

Please speak to us if you need more information about how to apply to universities abroad. We’ll give you a plan and suggest options tailored to your interests.

This Information is meant to get a glimpse of how Studying Abroad can become reality but of course you need a total guidance and BSL stands Committed to let you embrace your dreams.


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With BSL you can materialize your dreams of studying in a dream country and the best universities of the world.

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