Arrogance vs money

Shivangi Nath
Batch E
BSL Alambagh

Is money all that money does in today’s world for man, man for money and why does the thinking of man change with money? In this scenario of today, we learnt that for money makes a man proud slowly, and that vanity increasing so much that man considers himself to be the top of the world and even he tries to lower from himself. In today’s time as a human being is heading for money, so is the inferiority complex feeling to each other waking up in there mind
*) how is it happen-
First of all at some point in our life we all are arrogant l found that people most often are arrogant, I find this is very common in People when they talk about money there are many people in the world of money, arrogant people share many characteristics associated to advance themselves, often at a cost to others
*) what solutions should be-)
First of all people have to think that people are important in life because everyone’s life in filled with ups and downs. But some thing should not change according to time, not the whole person. Because the importance of the person and people in our lives is more. The person loses everything in the affair of arrogance and money. Then after a long time they realise and understands. So before the arrival of this situation, go ahead and take care of all these things and do not take care yourself and don’t.

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